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Sharon is available for: Private Sittings / Readings, Trance Healing, Workshops, Demonstrations & Church Services & Private Tutoring.

If you would like to get in touch with Sharon to arrange a private sitting or to find out more about upcoming workshop's call Sharon directly on: +44(0)1992 633636 or +44(0)7940 710898 or email:

Tarot Readings

Via Zoom online or 

by Phone

30 min

Evidential Readings

Via Zoom online 

or by Phone

30 min

Trance Healing

Via Zoom online 

or absent healing

30 min

Physical Mediumship, 4-week class. June 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th UK Time 7.00-9.00 PM, 150 GBP

Physical mediumship is an objective mediumship so if one person is seeing, feeling or hearing something everyone should.

It takes time for this to work.

On this course, it is a must to be patient and give your time to your peers to be able to blend with each other and create a conductive atmosphere that's making it easier for the spirit world to work with us. This is a unique opportunity to experiment with the physical mediumship. Obviously, we cannot promise Physical phenomena, but I feel confident we will see hear or feel something.

But like I said I am confident we will get something from the Spirit world.

You will be expected to sit in a very quiet place. It can be very difficult but the rewards are unbelievable. Not everyone can be a physical medium. For some of us the spirit world needs our energy and love. This is a really important part to play.

Only a small group so register now!

Look forward to seeing you!

Join Sharon for a 5 week online class to explore all aspects of spiritual healing.
Thursday's, September 19, October 3, 10, 17, 24 between 7-9 pm UK timezone.
Online via Zoom. Investment; 150GBP

Workshop Trance

Trance is a blending of minds, where the spirit guides attempt to influence the medium with their words or healing power.

An altered state of consciousness develops in any aspiring medium. During an altered stage of consciousness, the medium is always in control and is accompanied on the journey by guides.

Trance practice group will commence again after summer.

All levels starting Sunday's September 29th - October 27th, 7-9pm UK time zone. 5 sessions. 150GBP

Please specify if you are beginner or advanced when registering.

The session will be practicing trance speaking, healing, philosophy and evidential.

Each session starts with a guided meditation with Sharon and then practices in breakout rooms with students with similar experience.


Beloved Arthur Findlay College Tutor Sharon Harvey and her daughter, Kerry Harvey Farrant, will be hosting two physical mediumship workshops at Mains Gate estate August 30-September 1 and September 6-8. Join us for one or both! This is a unique opportunity to experience their remarkable style of physical mediumship and teaching.

Experimentation with direct voice, apports, transfiguration, spirit art, table tipping, trance healings and readings, and more! Rather than the subjective experience of mental mediumship, physical mediumship is objective and is experienced by all in attendance.

Learn how to create your own home circle to develop this incredibly rare and intriguing soul craft. Explore the joyful creation of an energetic container to nourish authentic Spirit interaction and re-ignite your wonder and fascination. Get ready to expand your understanding of what's possible.

Sharon and her daughter have been developing their connection to Spirit for over 30 years. Their approach is equal parts reverent, humble, and humorous, focusing on a heart-centered appreciation for the incredible physical phenomena they have experienced.

In this workshop, they will expertly guide you through modern experimentation with altered states, trance speaking and healing, cabinet work, transfiguration, table tipping, and many more exercises to help you to blend with the Spirit unseen. This course consists of practical and experimental work, as well as lectures and direct guidance from the Spirit World through Sharon's deep trance mediumship.

Connect with your Spirit Team in a more tangible and visceral way as Sharon and Kerry support your development. Feel the energy shift and experience the power as the earthly and spiritual realms blend for everyone assembled. Developing physical mediumship enhances all other areas of your mediumship and healing endeavors, and if you are open to the unknown, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Both Sharon and Kerry are extremely passionate about the discarnate Spirit and your Spirit within, so join them on an expansive and joyful journey of discovery.

Limited workshop seats and Mains Gate rooms are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sharon and Kerry will also be available for 1:1 healing sessions and readings. Learn more about Sharon at

Workshop Tuition: Tuition for these incredible 3-day workshops is only $495 (Non-refundable + includes PayPal transaction fee). It includes three days of instruction as well as Sharon's Physical Mediumship and Trance demonstration. Lodging, meals, and other travel expenses are not included.

Please email Julie Speetjens to reserve your spot at this workshop today ( Payment will be made directly to Kerry Harvey via PayPal at Payment plans are available.

Sharon and Kerry are limiting each workshop to only 20 students to ensure an intimate and personal experience, and we expect to sell out quickly.

Accommodations and Meals: Mains Gate is an incredible property with a rich history located on the waterfront of the eastern shore of Maryland, and staying there is simply an unparalleled experience. There is ample free parking, as well as gardens and orchards, a swimming pool, and private shoreline to enjoy during your unforgettable stay.

There are a limited number of rooms available for workshop participants, and reservations will be accepted once tuition payment has been received. Please email Arlene Mains for lodging details and to reserve your room today (

There are also many other local accommodations to explore. The venue is located approximately 10 minutes from the charming town of St. Michaels, MD, and approximately 90 minutes from the BWI airport.

Workshop participants will have 24-hour access to the kitchen and dining room, are encouraged to visit the grocery store and prepare their own meals, or to visit the wide array of delicious restaurants nearby.

*Workshop & Room Reservation is a 3-Step Process:

  • Email Julie to reserve your workshop spot at
  • Send $475 Tuition payment to Kerry via PayPal at
  • Email Arlene to reserve a room at Mains Gate at

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