Sharon Harvey┬┤s Work

Sharon is available for: Private Sittings / Readings, Trance Healing, Workshops, Demonstrations & Church Services.

If you would like to get in touch with Sharon to arrange a private sitting or to find out more about upcoming workshop's call Sharon directly on: +44(0)1992 633636 or +44(0)7940 710898 or email:

Tarot Readings

Via Zoom online or 

by Phone

30 min

Evidential Readings

Via Zoom online 

or by Phone

30 min

Trance Healing

Via Zoom online 

or absent healing

30 min

Workshops Trance

Trance is a blending of minds, where the spirit guides attempt to influence the medium with their words or healing power.

An altered state of consciousness develops in any aspiring medium. During an altered stage of consciousness, the medium is always in control and is accompanied on the journey by guides.

Beginners Class

Intermediate/Advanced Class

Arthur Findlay Courses Sharon will organise or be a guest tutor at: