Getting to know Sharon Harvey

Sharon is a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College where she is known for her lively, humorous approach.

The Arthur Findlay College
The Arthur Findlay College


Sharon is from a travelling family who only settled in a permanent home following a tragedy when her Grandmother's children died tragically. Following this her grandmother would not move far away from where they were buried and so settled down. She never forgot her roots and kept the barrel top caravan in her garden. Her Grandmother was a great influence on her and was well known for her 'gifts' especially of healing including animals.

As a child Sharon was always drawn to God and would skip school to sit in Churches and Graveyards where she felt close to him. As a teenager she saw spirit but didn't understand and it frightened her.

Eventually however her interest was aroused again and she began reading Tarot cards and doing sittings. Her real love was to be found at the Arthur Findlay College where her proper mediumistic development began.


Mavis Pittilla
Mavis Pittilla

Her great inspiration was Mavis Pittilla, and Sharon joined every course of hers that she could. Mavis once said:

"The Spirit World is Sharon's World and she has to be a medium."

These words have meant everything to Sharon and have inspired her through good and bad times.


Sharon's love of life is infectious and she enjoys sparking the interest of new students which she does with ease. Her favourite expression is "God doesn't want you to be miserable"; she certainly practices what she preaches.

Sharon is married with three children and eight grandchildren, some of whom already exhibit her mediumistic traits. Sharon's grandfather was also very psychic and he used his abilities in a very enterprising way.

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