Sharon Harvey's Work

Sharon is available for: Private Sittings / Readings, Workshops, Demonstrations & Church Services.

If you would like to get in touch with Sharon to arrange a private sitting or to find out more about upcoming workshop's call Sharon directly on: 01992 633636 or 07940 710898

Key Testimonials

Mavis Pittilla I have known Sharon for almost 20 years and I have witnessed her mediumstic and personal development over that time. She is a breath of fresh air bringing fun and commitment to all that she does. What you see is what you get with Sharon she is sincere, dedicated and also gregarious a combination which wins her many friends. Sharon has always had an enquiring mind and wanted to absorb more and more knowledge. She is honest and open and if she doesn’t understand something she will always ask. As a proponent of Spiritualism and Spirituality Sharon is the best, down to earth and even earthy you can never underestimate her belief in God and communication with the Spirit world. You are in for a treat when working with Sharon or watching her work.

You are a star Sharon. Your friend, Mavis Pittilla.

Grandma Pair of Shoes Dear Sharon, thank you so much for your beautiful work in the sitting on Thursday.

It really encouraged me and made me feel better giving me more faith in my work as a painter and writer. The little picture is for you Sharon. Thank you for connecting me with my beloved grandmother!

Don't you think it looks very much like a wise Grandmother handing out a pair of shoes, saying "Come on take them and start walking.... I know it's not always easy but you can climb the mountain."

That was exactly what you told me she was telling or showing you. I know you said you do not see the people in the spirit world as you see the living but maybe it does comply in a way to what you saw inside of you.

Best Wishes, Gabriele.

Dear Sharon,

I want to thank you for the passion you have and are sharing on the course at the AFC in March.

I have been to the college many times before and I tell you it's not often a tutor is giving so much to everyone in the group from your heart.

Wishing you all good, lots of love, Angelica.

Good morning Mr Haushahn. Just a short message to thank you and of course Sharon for the reading given to me last Thursday. Although I have always been aware of my parent's presence it was something very comforting and gratifying to hear through Sharon the words of my mum and dad who passed into spirit so long ago and thus make a more direct contact to them.

Most surprisingly for me was the immediate contact to my deceased first husband, which I wasn't expecting at all, but which has led to me enabling to forgive him and dissolving the grudge I've been holding against for so long.

Funnily enough when we arrived home my present husband sat straight down at the piano and played "Somewhere over the rainbow" a song he has never played before and which was my parents' song to which my father had written new words for my mother. I asked why he had done it and he couldn't tell me - it had just crossed his mind. So perhaps there is some hope for him spiritually after all.

Please pass on these few words of thanks to Sharon for me. She is doing a wonderful service and I feel deeply grateful that I was allowed to sit with her.

Maybe we will meet again someday.

Sincere wishes, Maureen Drake.